Fants Grove 20 Long - Your Tanks
User Fants Grove
Size 20 Long
Date Started October 2013
Lighting Odyssea 2 x 24W T5HO Plant light 6500K.
Equipment Aquaclear 70. Topfin 30. Digital Thermometer. Co2 checker Aquarium Test Kit
CO2 Co2 checker Pressurized 45g cylinders 5 spiral glass diffuser/bubble counter
Substrate EcoComplete Tan 60% CaribSea Tahitian Moon Sand 40% Driftwood Black and Red LavaRocks Apache Tears in foreground
Parameters Ammonia 0ppm. Nitrite 0ppm. Nitrate 5-10ppm. pH 6.4-6.6. CO2 2 Bps.
Fertilization Aqueon Plant Food (no cooper). Excel.
Plants java fern. flame moss. Dwarf hair grass. anubis nana.
Inhabitants 7x otocinclus. soon to come CRS and CBS.
Comments Shrimp tank set up.
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