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User equi_design
Size 3 gal
Date Started May 7, 2009
Lighting 14W CFL spiral mounted with "stage" shop light from Home Depot.
Equipment Tetra HOB filter, Hydor heater.
CO2 None, but I dose Excel weekly.
Substrate Flourite Dark mixed with standard small river rock pebbles.
Parameters Stable
Fertilization Occasional dosing with Excel & others.
Plants Anubia (unidentified), Dwarf sag, duckweed, Moneywork, Java Fern, Marimo balls, Banana plant.
Inhabitants Double-ray Crowntail steel metallic Betta (male) - Jasper.
Comments Added some new mopani wood & a rescape on July 7, 2009. This tank is/was an Eclipse 3 gal setup. I outgrew the stock lighting & filtration, so I made it rimless & added-on. Acrylic is cracked a bit but it doesn't leak. :)
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Rescaped this tank last night with more driftwood, new plants, etc. Pictures coming soon!
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