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User Vladdy
Size 10 Gallons
Date Started March 2009
Lighting two 10 watt bulbs
Equipment Tetra whisper power filter
CO2 none
Substrate Play sand and some gravel
Fertilization API Leaf Zone
Plants 2 banana plants (nymphoides aquatica), Giant Hygro (Hygrophila angusta), Elodea (Egeria densa), Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum), Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis brasiliensis),Dwarf Cup Rotala (Rotala rotundifolia), Palm moss (Fissidens fontanus), 2 species unknown
Inhabitants Lyretail molly, tiger barb,
Comments Play sand makes a great substrate. It does however compact, and could get in the filter if you are not careful. That was a lucky shot when I took that picture with the ripples on top of the water. I think the ripples look really cool. They make the aquarium look like a little stream, which is what I wanted the aquarium to look like, but the ripples add to the effect.
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Algae Grower
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Nice Great Plants And Love The Color Very Vibrant
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That's a nice compact tank. well planted too! I like the tiger barbs because they kind of look like clown loaches. Play sand huh? not a bad idea, I'll bet my loaches would LOVE that! I finally tied a "sock" type filter around my inlet to stop it from sucking up baby snails - that might help with the sand. I'm pretty sure the loaches and the filter are already thanking me for it.
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