ezcry4t3d 1500+ Gal 8' x 8' x 3' - PVC Liner, lumber walls. - Your Tanks
User ezcry4t3d
Size 1500+ Gal 8' x 8' x 3' - PVC Liner, lumber walls.
Date Started 10+ years ago, although it's been moved and enlarged over time.
Lighting Sunshine!
Equipment Evolution ES 2500 pump pushing about 3000GPH and feeding 2 55gal drums full of mesh sacks of lava rock and a Tetra PF3 filter. The plumbing in the 55gal drums was copied from the PF3 forcing the water through all of the media. Gamma 40W UV Sterilizer if needed.
CO2 No
Substrate None in the pond, lilies are potted in a mix of old coarse filter floss pads and gravel. The tubers are VERY buoyant, this was all I could find that their roots hold on to well enough to keep them down. < Fixed due to comments :P >
Parameters Wet.
Fertilization 40ish Goldfish. (This is a lot of fertilizer, trust me.)
Plants Local variety of yellow star shaped lilies taken from a lake.
Inhabitants Feeder goldfish. Some are 12+ years old and pushing 12" long.
Comments Anyone want to come swim with the goldfish? BYO Snorkel/Mask, lol
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Mark F.
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Really - no substrate?!? So the water lilies are just floating around loose in there? Surely you must have their tubers in some kinda mud, or soil, or sumpin', just ta hold 'em in place - c'mon, man, out with it! All that said, it is cool to see an above-ground pond in this forum, and it's always cool when somebody KEEPS feeder fish, and lets 'em grow out nice and healthy. Good show.
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nicely done, do they have fry?
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I get fry pretty much every spring. The ones from this spring have all just finished turning gold (they all start out solid black)
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So you say feeders, I have some feeders in a 25gallon tank that are about 6-7inches long, I cant wait for them to get to 12"
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