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User greatreef16
Size 20 High
Date Started 04/06/06
Lighting Coralife 24" 65W 6700K PC
Equipment Tetratec Filter and in filter heater.
CO2 CO2 Natural Plant System
Substrate 15lbs. of Seachem Flourite under 10lbs. of white sand.
Plants Giant Hairgrass, Java Fern, a Rangeri Sword, an Anubis bateri, Corkscrew Val, and Water Wisteria. **More to Come**
Inhabitants 11 Neon Tetras, two Bronze Corys, a pair of Neon Swordtails, 3 Otocinclus Catfish, and a pair of German Blue Rams.
Comments It's the end of week one and I just got my plants and fish from Wet Spot (Portland, OR)! And, thanks to Paradise and Ximina's Photography, I have higher quality pictures.
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Algae Grower
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looks great
Mark F.
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Yeah, I like this moderate, Zen-like approach; it's very elegant - neither dense nor sparse, nor overly groomed. I think, however, that you might want to have the java fern and the sword plant trade places: java ferns really do much better planted on driftwood than stuck in substrate.
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