MrSlumpy 20 Long Office Tank - Your Tanks
User MrSlumpy
Size 20 Long Office Tank
Date Started 10/2013
Lighting 30" Finnex Fugeray
Equipment Eheim 2234
CO2 GLA Atomic v2 regulator w/ paintball adapter, ISTA Spiral Reactor
Substrate Floramax
Fertilization EI
Plants Downoi, S. Repens, Crypts, Anubias, Vals, Bacopa, Ludwigia, A. Reineckii
Inhabitants 18 Danio Margaritatus, 3 Otocinclus, 3 Bolivian Rams, 5 Cory Habrosus, 1 Male Betta, 5 Ghost Shrimp
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Great looking tank. I really like the hardscape.
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Thanks TonyK!
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