FullBrhys 20 Gallon High - Your Tanks
User FullBrhys
Size 20 Gallon High
Date Started 01/04/09
Lighting Custom oak fixture with 3 x 18", 15 watt T8, GE aqua rays 9325 K bulbs for 2.25 watts/gallon
Equipment Penguin 170 Filter, 50 watt heater
CO2 None. Low-Tech.
Substrate regular, natural, small gravel
Parameters Ph 6.5 - 6.7, KH <40 ppm, GH 25 ppm, Nitrite 0, Nitrate <20 ppm
Fertilization Fish Waste?, Flourish Excel
Plants 2 Amazon swords, 1 Ozelot sword, 2 Banana plants(1 floating), 4 small sags, 1 Java fern, 1 Anubias, 1 small melon sword, 6 Aponogeton hybrids, 1 Micro sword.
Inhabitants 1 Highfin zebra danio, 2 glofish, 1 Otocinclus, 1 Golden Apple Snail, 1 Olive nerita snail, 1 Uncatchable, cursed, CAE
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Mark F.
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I dig that you're going for the low-tech approach, and not looking to win any aquascaping awards - that's basically my approach as well - but, from a compositional perspective, the appearance of your tank would be vastly improved if you moved the tall wood piece more off-center. Since your heater's on the right side of the tank, I'd move the wood just a couple of inches to the left. Having something so close to the exact middle of the tank, that's taller and darker than all of the plants, creates too much visual distraction. Of course, some of the plants may eventually grow taller than the wood - but even in a total jungle, you can still achieve visual balance.
Mark F.
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I forgot to metnion: LOL about the CAE! Very funny!
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