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User paulrw
Size 50g
Date Started 02/09
Lighting shop light w/2 48'' t8 bulbs 10,000k and 6700k and an 18'' t8 with a supposed 18,000k bulb 4 t-5 diy light fixture
Equipment rena xp2,marineland emporor 280,150 watt heater
CO2 modified hydor green nrg advanced system i got for 60$ and a 35lb bottle i got from my work
Substrate flourite
Parameters not realy sure i dont check it very often last time ph about 6.5 A 0ppm Ni 0ppm
Plants aquatic banana plants,java moss,some kind of bacopa,some kind of grass,aponogeton crispus,green tiger lotus(which is red?) sorry don't know latin names for all still a newbie
Inhabitants 8 tiger barbs 3 peppered corys 2 opaline gourami 1 gold gourami 1 dwarf gourami
Comments once weekly dose of api leaf zone
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