Santojaime 75G - Your Tanks
User Santojaime
Size 75G
Date Started Oct 2012
Lighting 2 x T5HO with 4 10k bulbs, 220 watts
Equipment Aquaripure Medium Eheim 2227
CO2 20 Lb tank Milwaukee regulator PH monitor
Substrate Eco complete
Parameters 89 degrees 6.2 PH
Fertilization Fret tabs Excel Leaf zone
Plants 1. Rotala rotundifolia 2. blyxa-japonica, dwarf Asian 2. Lemna minor, duckweed 3. Hygro augustifolia, bamboo looking plant 4. Red Melon Swords 12 Aug 2013 Heteranthera
Inhabitants 3 Discus 2 Clown Loaches 2 Cory Cats 3 Ottos 10 Cardinal Tetras Snails
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