alym 46 Gallon Bowfront - Your Tanks
User alym
Size 46 Gallon Bowfront
Date Started Feb 2009
Lighting Catalina 4x39W, 2 @ 6500k, 2 @ 10000k
Equipment Eheim 2026 Pro II filter
CO2 Pressurized
Substrate ADA soil mixed with florabase and fluorite
Fertilization Dosing EI
Plants Dwarf hairgrass, blyxa japonica, tonina belem, l. aromatica, rotala macranda, red cabomba, needle leaf java fern, java moss, algae (sigh)...
Inhabitants 6 German Blue Rams 4 dennisoni barbs 19 rummynose tetras 2 blushing angelfish 1 SAE 1 flash pleco 1 L144 pleco 1 long finned albino bristlenose pleco 6 cardinal tetras
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