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User migs_hernan
Size 2.5 Gallons
Date Started October 18, 2013
Lighting 8 watts T5 Fluorescent tube
Equipment JEBO 501 Super Mini External FIlter and DIY 5V Cooling Fan
CO2 None
Substrate 1 cup of laterite, 1kg of garden soil and 2kg of pure black sand
Parameters 25C-29C
Fertilization ISTA Water Plant Fertilizer and Nutricote Fertilizer
Plants Flame Moss, Dwarf Sagittaria and Stargrass
Inhabitants 4 Red Cherry Shrimps and 3 Nerite Snails
Comments Red Cherry Shrimp Tank
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Algae Grower
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lovely shrimp tank. when they start reproducing u will want a bigger one!
Algae Grower
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Thanks @mentolis! You are right but for the meantime, they just have to wait for me to prepare a bigger tank for them. I think 5-10gal tank is enough. =)
Indian fern
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Wow ang cute naman. Sa 10 gallons kong outdoor tank 40+ na ang shrimps. Bilis talaga nila dumami. Very prolific.
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