Dan Knowlton 125 gal - 60X18X22 - Your Tanks
User Dan Knowlton
Size 125 gal - 60X18X22
Date Started Feb 26, 2009
Lighting 6x 55 watt 6500 bulbs
Equipment Integrated filter modified to eliminate the skimmer - driven by a Mag 7 with needle wheel impeller, Eheim 2028
CO2 Sumo regulator, 20lb tank, into the venturi of the Mag
Substrate flourite black/Colorquartz total of 160 lbs (130 flourite, the rest colorquartz
Fertilization PPS
Plants too many... I'll be pulling some of them
Inhabitants Von Rio tetras, Australian Rainbows, oto's...looking for some Cory's
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