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User joshyboi2
Size 4 ft
Date Started 19/06/08
Lighting One 2ft Actnic Blue Fluro Bulb
Equipment One Internal Power head Filter with venturi Air intake and Two Bio sponges. Also one Baby hatchery with filtration attached to wall
CO2 No Co2 Needed in this tank
Substrate Crushed coral, coffs harbour gravel and black gravel
Parameters Ph 9.0 (this tank is african rift lake) KH 650ppm Nitrate 0ppm Amonnia 0ppm
Fertilization None
Plants I did buy a Cichlid Plant package inculding Rush and a few pond plants. These all got eaten.
Inhabitants 1x Pictus Catfish, 1x Tandanus, 1x Adult Spot banded silver scat, 1 juvie spot silver scat, 1x red spotted juvie scat, 3 female melanochromis maingo, 1x dominant male melanochromis maingo, 2x red zebra, 2x orange blotch, 1x mono sabae 13 2 week old melanochromis maingo babies in hatchery
Comments This tank is for my Africans and scats. The water cant really sustain plants, but I did sucessfully grow some rush and pond plants in this tank, they get eaten to fast though. just for some advice, dont mix plants with hungry africans!
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