joshyboi2 2 ft - Your Tanks
User joshyboi2
Size 2 ft
Date Started 6/06/08
Lighting 2x 18w Gro lux Fluro
Equipment 1 aqua nova cannister no carbon! only filter wool changed monthly also stocked with glass rings and sponge
CO2 Diy Co2 Diffused in glass diffuser positioned under spray bar
Substrate eco complete capped with white gravel.
Parameters Kh 65 ppm Ph 7.0 No amonnia or nitrate/nitrite Phosphate is always 10ppm or above
Fertilization Weekly 5 ml dose of flourish excel
Plants Riccia grass, Crypts, Giant val, ambulia, swords, belheri, tropica, baby tears, schluteri, hairgrass, microswords, blyxa japonica, pogostemon helferi
Inhabitants 4 red tuqoise discus juvies,
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