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User joshyboi2
Size 3FT
Date Started 13/11/08
Lighting 1x 3Ft 18W T8 Fluro Gro Lux 1x 2ft 18W T8 Fluro Gro Lux
Equipment Aquanova Canister Filter NO CARBON! only use Filter wool, Bio sponge and glass rings. Change wool monthly Aeration by one circular Air Stone pumped by a 60L/hr Yin tang commercial (I run 4 more tanks off this one)
CO2 Diy Yeast Method with bubble counter, diffusion through a glass diffuser positioned under the spray bar to generate even distribution.
Substrate Eco complete capped in sections with Coffs harbour Gold
Parameters PH 6.4 KH 50ppm Nitrate, Amonnia, Nitrite 0 ppm Phosphate 10ppm
Fertilization weekly dose of 15 ml Flourish Excel fornightly dose of NPK to balance with nitrate readings
Plants Dwarf Hair Grass, Java Fern, Anibias Java moss, Amazon swords, Red ozeolot, Giant Val, Baby tears, Ambulia, Petite Anubias, micro sword, Water wysteria, Behleri, Schluteri, Crypts, Windelov java fern, Blyxxa Japonica, Tropica
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