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User Grumpy1415
Size 75 g
Date Started 9/1/2013
Lighting 48" custom LED, 48" three bulb T8
Equipment Fluval 306 and 406, Hydor 425gph, Cal aqua lily pipe efflux, and CO2 reactor
CO2 GLA Primo CO2 system, DIY CO2 reactor along Fluval 306 output, CAL aqua double check drop checker
Substrate ECO Complete
Parameters Nitrate:10-20 phosphate: 1-3 CO2: 25-35
Fertilization PPS-Pro daily, add additional nitrate and potassium three days a week, DIY fert tabs (osmocote plus csm+b fertcicles)
Plants Added 1/3/2014 Hygrophila pinnatifida Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides NESAEA SP red Ludwigia repens Lilaeopsis mauritiana Since 9/1/2013 HYGROPHILA DIFFORMIS Rotala Rotundifolia (Indicia) HYGROPHILA CORYMBOSA ANGUSTIFOLIA Hygrophila corymbosa (Giant hygro) Golden Lloydiella Alternanthera reineckii roseafolia HYGROPHILA CORYMBOSA STRICTA, Echinodorus tenellus
Inhabitants 2 Bosmani and 3 Turquoise Rainbowfish, 6 Denison barbs, 6 platys, 8 otos, 2 Beunos Aires Tetras, 2 Angelicus botias
Comments First planted tank.
Profile Views 1134
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Planted Member
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Beautiful tank, very nice layout. I can't believe this is your first planted tank. What kind of custom LED do you have on this?
Junior Member
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Nice tank and as mentioned by our fellow member nice layout..How deep is your substrate layer?
Algae Grower
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I have a buildmyled light on the tank. I currently run it with the dimmer at 60%. The substrate is about 2" in front, 3-4" in back.

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