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User ConfidentBlue
Size 60gal Long African Cichlid Tank
Date Started 6-1-13
Lighting CoralLife Dual T5ho (soon to be replaced with LED), 3 actinic blue LEDs, 4 18k white LEDs (Moonlighting)
Equipment Marineland C-360 Canister, AC-70 HOB, Fluvial 300w Heater, (2) Hydor Wavemakers
CO2 None
Substrate Tahitian Moon sand, 300lbs River-rock
Fertilization None
Plants Dwarf Water Lettuce, 1 Anubias Nana (to be re-homed)
Inhabitants [2]Aulonocara nyassae (Blue Peacock), [2]Pseudotropheus crabro (BumbleBee), [2]Tilapia butterkofferi (Butterkofferi), [1]Pseudotropheus demasoni (Demasoni), [1]Tropheus duboisii (Duboisi), [3]Labidochromis caeruleus (Yellow Lab), [3]Tropheus moorii (Kaiser II Moorii), [3]Aulonocara sp. (Red Peacock)
Comments 50% WC every sunday, soon to be investing in a NitrAte filter, Adding more stock soon and rehoming some.
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Stand and Canopy were built by me.
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