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User BradScheve
Size 10G
Date Started 6/25/13
Lighting 2x 10w Zoo Med 6500k CFL 1x Glo Fish Acitinic moon light
Equipment generic petsmart heater, tetra whisper 10i, aqueon quietflow 10, Purigen being used in place of AC
CO2 API CO2 booster
Substrate inert petco gravel mixed with creek sand
Parameters pH:6.5 Temp:81 KH:20ppm
Fertilization API Leaf Zone, Flourish Root Tabs, Flourish Iron
Plants Ludwigia Repens, Cyprus Helferi, Sword of some type, Dwarf HG, Cryptocyrene Wendtii, Water Lettuce, Java moss
Inhabitants Albino Cory, 2 Peppered Cories, 2 Endlers' Guppies (hybrids), 5x Neon tetra, 3x Ghost shrimp
Comments first "real" planted tank, where plants were actually cared for .
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