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User wkndracer
Size 75 gal. 48x18x20 64gal actual
Date Started May 9, 2008
Lighting Current T5 4x54 w/lunar lights, 2x 6700k 9hrs., 2x Plantgro 10hrs.
Equipment Eheim pro3e 2078, Max Jet model 400 (106 gph) w/sponge, Aqua UV 15watt, Hydor ETH 300 watt
CO2 Sumo built dual feed regulator, Rex style down flow reactor, American Marine controller
Substrate 40lb Fluorite, 40lb Eco Complete, 6lb Plant Success Flora Base
Parameters GH 4-6, KH 4, PH 6.6 - 7.0, Temp. 78-80
Fertilization EI -dry ferts.
Plants Alternanthera reineckii Hemiantbus microantbemoides - Baby Tears Lilaeopsis brasiliensis - Micro Sword Echinodorus sp. - Sword Microsorium pteropus - Java Fern Cryptocoryne wendtii DeWitt - Wendtii Red Echinodorus ‘Kliener Bar’ - Kliener Bar Sword Echinodorus bleberi - Amazon Sword Vesicularia dubyana – Java Moss MISSED A COUPLE,, needs updating.
Inhabitants 4 juvenile Pterophyllum scalare scalare - Black Veil Angelfish, 6 Otocinclus affinis – Otto, 6 juvenile Misgurnus anguillicaudatus - Gold Dojo Loach, 6 juvenile Botia macracantha – Clown Loach, Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus - flying fox, Pair of Betas, sprinkle of rams horn snails
Comments Small amount of Putrefied Wood gathered from the Sabine River area, Western Louisiana. Fake crocodile skull (Foster&Smith)
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