jrh 5 gallons - Your Tanks
User jrh
Size 5 gallons
Date Started 09/01/2013
Lighting low
Equipment Fluval Spec V
CO2 none
Substrate aragonite
Fertilization none
Plants Cryptocorne undulata, Anubias barteri 'coffeefolia', Bolbitis heudelotii, Marsilea hirsuta, Subwassertang, Fissidens, Flame moss
Inhabitants 1 Clithion Corona Nerite snail, 1 Magenta Apple snail, 1 Ivory Apple snail, 1 Amano shrimp, a dozen or so Orange Sakura shrimp
Profile Views 522
Algae Grower
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Is that water lettuce I see? I love your set up. It's beautiful!
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