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User natebuchholz
Size 40 Gallon Tall Seaclear Acrylic
Date Started September 20th 2013
Lighting 30" Finnex Ray2 Aquarium LED Daylight and 24" Fluval Daylight Aqualife & Plant LED Aquarium Lamp
Equipment Marineland C220 External Canister Filter, ViaAqua Titanium Aquarium Heater 200-Watt
CO2 Red Sea Fish Pharm. Turbo CO2 Bio Generator
Substrate Eco Complete Planted Black Aquarium Substrate
Parameters Ph: 7.5 dKh: 11 Temp: 82 degrees
Fertilization Total substrate pellets and super concentrate liquid from
Plants Dwarf Baby Tears (front center), Anubias Nana (around driftwood), Red Melon Sword (left mid ground), Java Moss (around driftwood) Corkskrew Vals (Left mid ground and Center Midground), Unknown Sagittaria (left background), anacharis (mid background), red flame sword (right background), and red tiger lotus bulb (left background behind driftwood.
Inhabitants 4 Bronze Corydoras, 5 Peppered Corydoras, Varias Nerile Snails for algae control, and 5 Fiddler Crabs. Harlequin Rasboras and Discus to come!
Comments The pics are from the first planting. The rocks are on the wood to help waterlog them. They will be removed. More plants to come (Rotala macrandra, giant hair grass, hygro siamensis, and cryptocoryne balansae). I will be giving process pictures as the growth progresses. Any questions or advice is always appreciated. Thanks for looking!
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10/10/14: Added Giant Hair Grass, Rotala Macrandra, Narrow Leaf Green Temple, and Cryptocoryne Balansae. Removed Rock Weight from right piece of spider wood. Added pressurized Co2 the unit in the front left will be replaced by an in-line reactor through the canister filter.

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