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User Finned_Friends
Size 15 Gallon
Date Started 4/9/13
Lighting FLUVAL LED STRIP, 500 Lumens, 8W (15 x .6 = 9W..close enough), 7500k.
Equipment Tetra Whisper EX 20 Filter, Tetra Whisper 20 Air Pump (rarely on), Cascade Heater 55G/10.5"/200W.
CO2 DIY System: Standard Regulator-CGA 320-Paintball Adapter-24oz Canister.
Substrate Eco-System
Parameters 24" x 12"
Fertilization Substate. Did use AQUEON's Aquarium Plant Food but my Anachari always seemed to wilt.
Plants Anacharis, Kyoto, Java Moss, & Some bush.
Inhabitants 5 Black Neon Tetras, 3 Platies, 1 Gourami, 1 Cory Cat, 1 Brittle Nose Pleco.
Comments Friendly tank with no fishy business!
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