legomaniac89 2.5g - Your Tanks
User legomaniac89
Size 2.5g
Date Started January 2009
Lighting Coralife Colormax Bulb 10w
Equipment Hydor Theo Mini Heater 2.5w
CO2 None
Substrate Eco-Complete
Parameters pH - 7. Nitrates - 0. WC - 50% weekly. Temp - 76 F.
Fertilization Not necessary
Plants Anubias barteri var. nana, Microsorum pteropus "Needle Leaf", Hydrocotyle leucocephela, Salvinia minima, Taxiphyllum sp. "Peacock", Microsorum pteropus "Trident", Cryptocoryne balansae, Cryptocoryne affinis, Fissidens fontanus, Cryptocoryen wendtii "Florida Sunset"
Inhabitants 1 Plakat Heart-Tail Electric Blue Male Betta
Comments Well, he won't breed for me. Trust me, I've tried it all. So I figured I might as well make the tank look nice. Before, it was just a bare tank with a clump of Java Moss This is a work is progress, so it's nowhere near finished.
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Mark F.
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Sorry to be commenting so late in the game, but just thought I'd say that both the tank & the plakat are a couple of nice-looking specimens, IMO ... did the "new & improved" habitat succeed in getting him "in the mood"?
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