snowmonkey 38 gallon - Your Tanks
User snowmonkey
Size 38 gallon
Date Started April-ish, 2011
Lighting Aquaticlife T5HO, and occasaional Marineland DB LED 18" for some extra front lighting
Equipment Fluval 206 canister with 50g carbon and 100g clearmax
CO2 Fluval pressurized system
Substrate Seachem Flourite Black and eco-complete plant gravel
Fertilization Seachem aquavitro range of supplements and fertilizers
Plants Wysteria, amazon swords, Aponogeton Ulvaceous, Aponogeton longiplumulosis, aponogeton undulatus, unknown echinodorus, broadleaf sagittaria, red tiget lotus, Coffefolia, dwarf sagittaria, java fern, java moss, and a few random plants im not sure the name of
Inhabitants -Toothnose sailfin pleco (leporacanthicus cf. galaxias), my centerpiece fish, his name is Thanos -Common pleco-hes a bum, needs to find a new place to live -2 yellow veiled angels -2 gold gouramis M/F -2 Turquoise Rainbowfish M/F -2 Goyder River ranibowfish M/F -2 Bosemani Rainbowfish M/F -2 Roseline Tetra -2 Yoyo Loach -2 older than dirt Tiger Barbs ive had for nearly 5 years -2 Kribensis M/F -2 Florida flagfish, supposed to be eating Black brush but so far not doing so -1 red-tailed black shark -and lastly, any snails that havent been eaten by the Yoyo's
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