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User hokuryu
Size 10 Gallons, Walstad Tank
Date Started 02/20/09
Lighting 2 x 27W Spiral CFL; optional, 1 x 15W T8
Equipment Hagen Mini-Elite, pre-set heater at 78F.
CO2 None.
Substrate Mineralized soil, capped with black gravel; white sand "river."
Fertilization Fish food, fish waste.
Plants Microsorum pteropus, Microsorum pteropus ("needle leaf"), Najas roraimas, Hygro. corymbosa "small stem," sunset hygro, crypts (petchii, mi oya, wendtii hybrid), Hygro. difformis, Echinodorus quadricostatus, Ludiwigia repens, Vesicularia montagnei.
Inhabitants Tanichthys albonubes.
Comments Very new, and undergoing a rough transition - plants all came from 20H, hi-tech tank.
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Taryn Nation
Algae Grower
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I love what looks like a bidge to the rocks very creative!!
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