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User daveonbass
Size 75 gallons
Date Started around 11-1-05
Lighting 1 48" Dual orbit extreme, 4/96 watt bulbs: with coralife 6500/colormax bulbs replacing actinics...and the standard 6500/10000 and 1 48" normal output florecent with 6500 bulb (groLight or something)
Equipment 2 rena XP3 filstar(love em) 1 current 15 watt uv sterilizer 1 aquamedic co2 reaction chamber 1 pinpoint PH controller lots of timers
CO2 5 lb bottle fully automated with the pinpoint Ph controller...bubble counter and all that...water runs through one of the XP3s and then out to the aquamedic reaction chamber then back out to the tank; the co2 runs through the chamber which IS at a slight angle to help co2 dissolve (it works for me) till the ph is stable at 6.5 then the monitor/controller turns the co2 off.
Substrate 4+ inched of Ecocomplete...I love the black base.
Parameters Ph 6.15, KH 8-10 degrees, GH 8-10, phos 2 ppm, nitrate 20ppm
Fertilization seachem: florish nitrogen phosphate potassuim iron supplement dosed every other day...slightly more than reccomended on bottle, but also doesed in accordance to what the tank needs and the tests show
Plants :glosso finally growing horizontal after uv knocked out the cloudy water. :amazon swords in background :Rotala indica? very red on the tips...really pretty flowing in the water
Inhabitants cardinal tetras...about 30 ottos...5 but plan on getting more rummy nose tetras...15 black mollies...6 whiptail cat (Farlowella acus)...1 amano shrimp...1 (they keep dissappearing) I plan on getting discus
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Very nice tank !!! Love all the fish !!
Algae Grower
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I noticed you had whip tails, I couldnt find much on this fish. I have one and he spazes out alot, do they prefer companions? Just asking cause I noticed you had 6.
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hmmm...let me clarify the inhabitant info. the number of each fish is AFTER the name...I had ONE whiptail cat... But...it died after a few weeks...I really couldn't get those to stay alive in my tank for long.
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Really nice, like this tank.
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