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User got me a guppy
Size 40 Breeder
Date Started September 7th, 2013
Lighting Upgraded - moderate to high - 36 inch dual bulb t5 fixture.
Equipment Tetra Whisper EX70 Filter, Top Fin Heater, Petco Brand Air Pump and Airstone, Petco brand 20-40 gal power head.
CO2 DIY CO2, running two 2 liter bottles of yeast and sugar mixture, diffusing via power head.
Substrate Mix-flourite, gravel, and sand
Parameters 0ppm Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 40ppm Nitrate 7.6PH GH-KH Unknown.
Fertilization API Leaf Zone and substrate
Plants Java ferns, bulb packs from LFS, common ground moss, Aquatic Ferns, compacta, Anubis, amazon swords, and I what I believe to be melon swords. Near 25 total separate plants. Of course none of them are very big yet
Inhabitants 6 Albino Cory Cats, 1 otocinclus, 1 pictus catfish, 1 black skirt tetras, 8 tiger barbs...3 regular and 5 albino, 1 tire track eel, and 2 white crayfish. Guppy fry moved to other tank after purchasing eel.
Comments Recent rescape. Would love to hear your thoughts on before and after. Rocks were scavenged from local wooded areas. Soon to be removed...another rescape coming soon.
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