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User CAM6467
Size 10
Date Started 7-2-2009
Lighting 2 x 18" 15W Flourescent Tubes.
Equipment Eheim 2213 Canister Filter. Marineland Stealth Submersible Heater.
CO2 Pressurized with Rex Grigg style external, inline reactor.
Substrate Eco-complete, inert gravel, and white marine sand.
Fertilization Currently dosing seachem N, K, P, Fe, trace minerals, and excel. I'm switching to dry fertz (KNO3, KH2PO4, K2SO4, and Plantex CSM+B trace minerals + iron) once I run out of the seachem stuff.
Plants Rotala indica, rotala mini type I, bacopa, rotala colorata, e. diversifolia, lobelia cardinalis, java fern, swords of some type, very small amount of HC, xmas moss, fissidens, and some freebie water lettuce.
Inhabitants I can't remember all of them right now.
Comments This is an ongoing project which will be documented on my thread at the following URL....
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