Keleborn 26 gallons - Your Tanks
User Keleborn
Size 26 gallons
Date Started 08/29/13
Lighting TBA, Building an outside stand to hold 3 lighting systems: 1 CF, 2 LED with fans
Equipment Aqueon TA200 heater, Marineland Penguin 200 HOB (cartridge minus charcoal + Fluval Biomax)
Substrate TBA Planning Miracle Gro Organic under dark fluorite, topped with Tahitian Moon sand
Parameters Still cycling 13dKH, 16dGH, pH 8.0, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrites 5ppm, Nitrates 3ppm
Fertilization TBA
Plants TBA Lots! Going for several colors, shapes & sizes
Inhabitants TBA Want 5 Blackfin Corys, 10 Black Neons, 10 Cardinal Tetras, & a pair of German Blue Rams
Comments Day 21, cycling; 0 Ammonia, waiting on Nitrites to drop.
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