Anupam 10 Gallons - Your Tanks
User Anupam
Size 10 Gallons
Date Started Nov 2008
Lighting 2x28 W CF spiral lamps
Equipment Zoomed 501
Substrate Eco-Complete
Fertilization NPK+CSM-B Dry ferts
Inhabitants 6 Rasbora Heteromorpha, lots of red cherry shrimp
Profile Views 1515
Mark F.
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Wow - that's truly one of the nicest ten gallon landscapes I've seen in a long time. I like how having a tallish plant in the left corner of the foreground (possibly corkscrew val?) gives the whole composition a sense of depth, as the slightly reddish plants behind it (some kind of broad-leafed rotala?) are just a little taller, but further back. You wouldn't happen to know all your plant species, would you? I am curious - but, even more so, I'm impressed!
Planted Member
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one of the best 10 gallons i have seen, excellent
Junior Member
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*A tropical beauty! Nice visual flow from bottom left to upper right of tank, thanks to the excellent driftwood. Love the lushness & health of this tank. Never before have rasboras looked so good--no doubt because of the beauty of their sourroundings. A fascinating piece of living art in just 10 gallons--5 stars.*
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