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User Nestle_
Size 46 gallons
Date Started 9/1/2013
Lighting T-5 one colormax, one 10k daylight replacing colormax soon.
Equipment aquatop ph-8 DIY filter with precycled filter floss 150w heater
CO2 DIY, around 6 bps
Substrate fluval shrimp stratum on top of a mix of miracle grow, play sand, river rock
Parameters around 75*F ph unknown, haven't tested it yet
Fertilization sea chem comprehensive and iron dry ferts in the mail, arriving soon!
Plants cryptocoryne wendtii red x1 Dwarf Baby tears x2 Dwarf Hair grass x3 LUDWIGIA REPENS x3 Vallisneria Itallian corckscrew x5 multiple java fern anubius on rock can't remember the name of the plants in the back right.
Inhabitants 5 neon tetras soon to be RCS colony
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updated photo coming
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