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User jjchmiel
Size 30 Gallon
Date Started May 2011
Lighting Aquasun T5 dual lamp 2 Max Plant Growth Zoo Med bulbs
Equipment Marineland Penguin 200 filter
CO2 none
Substrate Gravel
Parameters Temp 78, PH 6.8
Fertilization Weekly Dosage of Seachem line with water change. I do not dose as often as they suggest.
Plants Some Crypts that were given to me. I assume Wendeti. Some Anubias also given to me. Hornwort that came in with my shrimp Anchor Moss also came in with some Shrimp. Ludwigia (new), Aponogeton Ulvaceus (doing better in this tank)
Inhabitants Started with 40 Red Cherry shrimp, now more than I can count. When I was pulling 20+ Trumpet snails a day out I got 6 Assasin snails and at last count 15. 15 Cardinal Tetras. 5 Emerald Green Glofish Tetras (I know genetic modified but they look good with the plants). And my Discus given to me when he was about the size of a quarter. He was the only one left at the LFS and the owner wanted to make room for a new batch of larger discus coming in.
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