NavyDogFish 1/2 Gal - Your Tanks
User NavyDogFish
Size 1/2 Gal
Date Started September 1, 2013
Lighting 400W Hydroponic HP Lamp above
Equipment Critter Keeper 1/2 gallon plastic tank
CO2 liquid carbon additive
Substrate Garden soil topped by beach sand.
Parameters Tropical/warm water, even pH
Fertilization Garden soil, root tabs, all liquid fertilizers, compost tea, pond snail waste
Plants Dwarf Hairgrass, Full Height Hairgrass, Parrots Feather
Inhabitants Pond Snails
Comments Green water growing aggressively but is very useful for feeding freshwater mussels which are in a different container.
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rtrevinoz - no need for a filter when doing a heavily planted, soil underlayment tank. The soil breaks down the waste and the plants utilize it faster than the small amount of fauna can produce it. NavyDogFish - Great tank!
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