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User NavyDogFish
Size 20 Gallon Long
Date Started December 2012
Lighting Quad T5 Fluorescent Light Fixture
Equipment 1x 100W Heater 1x Sponge Filter
CO2 Liquid carbon additive
Substrate Multiple types, including garden soil, beach sand, white sand, and various types of laterite, zeolite, etc.
Parameters Swamp style tank, tropical temp, pH around 7.0
Fertilization Soil in substrate, root tablets, liquid fertilizer, fish waste, occasional CO2 injection
Plants Multiple
Inhabitants Golden Wonder Killifish, Bettas, Golden Topminnows (Killifish), Guppies, Micky Mouse Platys, Black Khouli Loaches, Striped Kouhli Loaches, Zebra Danios, Flagfish, Siamese Algae Eaters, Assasin Snails
Comments Need to clean brown algae from glass, I know.
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Algaecide is for wimps.
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what the hell hahahah
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