NavyDogFish 20 Gallon Long - Your Tanks
User NavyDogFish
Size 20 Gallon Long
Date Started June 2012
Lighting 2x Fluorescent Bulbs
Equipment Box Filters & Sponge Filters
CO2 None
Substrate Small white pebbles.
Parameters Slightly alkaline, colder than tropical
Fertilization Liquid fertilizer, fish waste
Plants Multiple plastic plants Egeria Densa Hornwort Water Lettuce Duckweed
Inhabitants 9x Sunfish (small) 2x Bettas (1 male 1 female) 4x Silver Tipped Shark Catfish 4x Channel Catfish 1x Large Ramshorn (Marisa cornuarietis) Snail 2x Mystery Snails (1 gold, 1 blue) Multiple Malaysian Trumpet Snails Multiple Ramshorn Snails Multiple Bladder/Pond Snails 5-7x Nerite Snails 12+ Elliptio complanata Mussels 1x Pyganodon cataracta Mussel
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