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User aquabruce
Size 20gal long
Date Started 8-24-13
Lighting Build my LED 30" 90degree
Equipment Eheim 2215, Hydor 200w inline heater
CO2 Cornelius Regulator, Swagelok needle valve, glass bubble counter, GLA checkvalve, GLA inline diffuser
Substrate MTS capped with black sand
Fertilization EI dosing Seachem liquid ferts
Plants dwarf hairgrass, blyxa japonica, cardinal plant, dwarf pennywort, S.repens, cyperus helferi, anubius nana, couple of crypts....
Inhabitants 5 Amano shrimp, snails
Comments work in progress...
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20gal long TV Room 9-9-13 (1024x577).jpg IMG_20131115_185027_704.jpg
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I like the start of this
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