iovaykind 55 Gallons - Your Tanks
User iovaykind
Size 55 Gallons
Date Started January 08
Lighting 1 40w Cool Daylight Fluorescent Bulb
Equipment 1 Hanging Filter 1 Powerhead
CO2 DIY Powerhead Reactor
Substrate Pea Sized Gravel
Parameters Never Tested
Fertilization Seachem Root Tabs PlantGro Fertilizer
Plants Amazon Sword, Dwarf Hairgrass, Water Sprite, Java Moss, Red Ludwigia, Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Inhabitants 1 Angelfish 3 Neon Tetras 8 Bloodfin Tetras 6 Black Neon Tetras
Comments Planning on adding java fern and round pellia in the near future.
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