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User cwilfinger
Size 35 gal
Date Started 09/08
Lighting 1-96w coralife6700k cf
Equipment Eheim 2215
Substrate flourite sand
Parameters Temp 76 degrees ammonia - 0 nitrite - 0 nitrate - 5 ph - 7.4 Kh - 4 dKH or 71.6 ppm
Fertilization none
Plants HC, dwarf hairgrass, hairgrass, giant hairgrass, moss ball, flame moss, stringy moss, taiwan moss, blyxa albertii, blyxa japonica, mellon sword, red ludwigia, java fern. lace java fern, dwarf sag, anubias barteri var nana "eyes", jungle val, alternanthera reineckii, myrophyllum tuberculatum, e. vesuvius, ranunculus inundatus, nymphea maculeta, lamiaceae sp, tiger lotus, water wysteria, c. retrosprirals, Amazon swords
Inhabitants 100+ red cherry shrimps 20 tiger shrimps
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5 stars for green! Wow what a jungle.
Planted Member
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I liek it. Tall tank :]
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