Lil boy blue 20 Gallon High - Your Tanks
User Lil boy blue
Size 20 Gallon High
Date Started
Lighting 24" 65 watt Coralife
Equipment Fluval 204 filter
CO2 Hagen CO2 system
Substrate Soilmaster select Conditioner W/ peat layer on bottom and seachem root tabs
Fertilization Greg Watson
Plants Micro Sword, crypt, Java Fern, Didiplis diandra, Rotala wallichi and Indica
Inhabitants 1 Golden Wonder Killie, 3 Silver Tipped tetra, 1 Albino Bristelnose Pleco, 1 Sailfin Mollie, 5 Sterbai cories
Profile Views 1291
Algae Grower
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