CHOMPPPPP 20 Gallon Long - Your Tanks
Size 20 Gallon Long
Date Started 2012
Lighting Catalina 2 x 24 Watt T5HO
Equipment Eheim 2215, Hydor 200 Watt inline heater, Ista Mix Max Medium co2 reactor, Aquatop 152gph powerhead, intake/outflow lily pipe, drop checker
CO2 5lb tank. GLA Atomic co2 regulator v3
Substrate Flourite Red and Black
Parameters close enough to where they should be
Fertilization full estimative index
Plants Dwarf Sag, Ozelot sword
Inhabitants 1 pufferfish (snail eater when I get them on plants)
Comments Not the most impressive high tech aquarium that Ive seen but a good start for my first tank.
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