zales133 15G - Your Tanks
User zales133
Size 15G
Date Started N/A
Lighting 4x14w t5 6700k
Equipment FLUVAL105
CO2 pressurized 10lb
Substrate fine gravel over poting soil
Parameters ph 6.6 gh3 kh2 deionized water
Fertilization exel some fe
Plants alternanther ren. anubias, hygro.compact, hygro.difformis, dwarf sagittaria, java fern, glosso, moss, blyxa japonica, ricca, hairgrass, hemianthus ca.
Inhabitants SAE, rosbora het. cory panda, red cherry shrimp
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what a nice tank.
Algae Grower
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Wow, stunning tank! What are the red plants?
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