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User livebearerlove
Size 6 Gal, 23L
Date Started Sept 6- 2013
Lighting Fluval edge standard: 21 7600K high liuminosity LED's 3 watts On for 8 hours/day (Upgrading to Fluval EDGE 42 LED, 6 watts)
CO2 No CO2, I dose with Excel
Substrate Coral on the bottom. Granular soil- similar to eco complete on top. Decorative sand in pathway. Dragon stone makes the mountain area.
Parameters PH: 7.3 NH3: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 15-20
Fertilization Sera Florena plus Iron= 1ml 1 x week Phosphate= 1/4 teaspoon (diluted) 1 x week Flourish Potassium= .5ml 1 x week Flourish Excel= .5ml every other day
Plants Nano Anubias in the back corner Moss on tree is Peacock moss The pathway down the middle is lined with Coral Moss (Mini Pellia) On the rocks, weaving in and out is beautiful Phoenix US fissidens Moss In the back behind the small mound of rocks is flame moss The bush in the front left is Sulawesi fissiden moss tied together to look like a bush
Inhabitants Blue Japanese Lyretail Livebearer, Classic Endlers livbearer, or mutants (hybrid), 3 Painted Fire Red Grade shrimp (and their babies), Mini Oto, Nerite snails, 2 baby Amano shrimp, Assassin snail
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Need to get some decent pictures of it. Suggestions for shooting would be helped- gets way too dark in most places and the tree gets too much light
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Beautiful, looks like a much larger tank. more pictures please.
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I found the same problem with my Fluval Edge 12 Gal. The stock lights are really bad at lighting up the sides and corners of the tank. I build a housing for a light upgrade (63 SMC 5050 LED's at about 6000K). With some ferts (Flourish dosed once a week at .25ml) and the new lights, my plants are thriving and even pearl with the DIY co2 running. I love your layout though; very balanced.
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