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User jthompson
Size 75G
Date Started January 2003
Lighting 4 X54W Nova Extreme, 1 GE 6500K, 2 ATI Aqua Blue, 1 Geissmann Aqua Flora bulbs
Equipment wet-dry filter w/heater and 18W turbo twist UV sterlizer
CO2 Azoo regulator, 10 lb. tank
Substrate eco-complete and florite
Parameters 78-80 degrees, 50% WC weekly
Fertilization Flourish Excel and Pfertz liguids
Plants red ozelot sword, rotala indica, crypt wendtii bronze, ludwigia repens, corkscrew val and hygrophlia compact
Inhabitants clown loaches, rummynose, buenos aires tetra, bushy-nosed pleco, red serpae tetra, some platys
Comments not an aqua-scapist, just trying to grow plants, 1st attempt
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