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User Shadow Cichlid
Size 10 gallon tank
Date Started september 2008
Lighting 4 watts per gallon, i have it like halfway ada style tank.
Equipment 30 gal filter (lol), heater, hanging light.
CO2 no C02
Substrate i have sand as my substrate, im getting some flourite soon.
Fertilization I dose with exel, and i have other ferts i put in.
Plants i have: hygrophila difformis, Amazon sword, foxtail, a baseball size bundle of java moss, duckweed,Tiger lotus, +more
Inhabitants 3 marigold swordtails, there actually will be 6 because they had 3 babeys yesterday, the babeys are in a seperate tank for now. there is also 7 black lyretail mollys 5 are babeys. and 6 bronze corydoras catfish.
Comments umm, ive got 2 peices of driftwood, one peice has java moss growing on it.
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