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User wynkwood
Size 20 Gallon Long
Date Started August 1, 2013
Lighting 24" T5 14w full spectrum grow light (repurposed from Hydrofarm Jump Start Light System) suspended 5" above water level.
Equipment Aqueon Quiet Flow 50
Substrate Sand and gravel
Fertilization Root tabs
Plants Hornwort, Anachris, Water Wisteria, Aponogeton Crispus bulb, Java Moss, Dwarf Hair Grass, Marimo Moss, Riccia Fluitans, Ophiopogon japonicus
Inhabitants Plecostomus, Otocinclus, Neon Tetra, Black Widow Tetra, Black Neon Tetra, Corydoras, Ghost Shrimp, GMTS, Pond Snail, Ramshorn Snail, Mystery Snail, and soon to come Tylomelania zemis Poso Orange Rabbit Snail
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