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User Gr8_Laker
Size 20 Gallons
Date Started 2007
Lighting Coralife 24 inch 65 Watts
Equipment Eheim 2213 filter, Heater at 80F.
CO2 Flourish Excel
Substrate Gravel
Parameters Neutral pH
Fertilization Flourish tabs
Plants Back: Myriophyllum, Lanceleaf hygro, 2 Amazon swords, Wisteria, Sunset hygro, Rotala rotundifolia. Mid: 2 dwarf chain Echinodorus, 2 Stargrass. Front: Java moss.
Inhabitants 1 Gourami, 2 orange Swordtails, 1 pineapple Swordtail, 5 Neons, 1 Clown loach, 2 Otos, 3 Amano shrimp, 3 Cherry shrimp, 1 Pleco.
Comments This is my first tank and somewhat of a work in progress! The residents seem mostly happy and I am too, although I would like to work on the aesthetics. Ideas and comments are welcome.
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I believe that huge fluffy plant is Hornwort. It could use a trim... but it probably looks really cool in person. The right side is looking good though. The moss foreground is filling in well.
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