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User feedmittens
Size 29gal
Date Started 12/06/2008
Lighting (1) CoraLife 10,000k CF (1) CoraLife 6,700k CF (3)3 .75 W lunar blue moon glow LED
Equipment Oceanic BioCube 29
CO2 none
Substrate Seachem Fluorite Black substrate
Parameters ?
Fertilization none
Plants - sword grass - java moss - moss balls - not sure of the rest
Inhabitants 2 Sewellia lineolata tiger hillstream loach 7 Rathbun's Tetra 10 young checkerboard cichlid 5 Corydoras Trilineatus 6 Bentosi /Ornate tetra 1 - small regular loach 3- Apistogramma Trifasciata. 1 M 2 F (young) 3 Apistogramma Borelli Blue 1M 2F (young) 5 Pygmy cories. 4 Marbled hatchets
Comments I'm very new to this so this is all the info I have at the moment.
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That is some serious hair algae. Try cutting back the amount of light the tank gets per day by a few hours, and feed the fish only once a day, and in smaller amounts. It's best to sit by the tank and put in small amounts of food, then once the fish have eaten that, add a little more. Once the feeding frenzy dies down and the fish show less interest in the food, stop. That way there's not a ton of extra food putting nutrients into the water for the algae to feed on. Hope this helps!
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