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Size 50g Rubbermaid Makeshift Mini Pond
Date Started 12/14/08
Lighting 23w Spiral CF in shop light refector
Equipment HOT Magnum, 2x 100w Heaters
Substrate gravel
Plants Couple of Crypts, some marimo balls and moss
Inhabitants Pleco and some guppy fry once they get a little bigger
Comments You may notice the nice tie down and plywood, this is to keep structural integrity so I dont come home to find my porch flooded. This will be going in favor of a 110 container pond.
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Sorry but this looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Luckily it is probably in you garage. I saw another fellow that had something like this but in one of those pond containers, his was 110 gallons. Those are made out of a much sturdier plastic.
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