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User Nunster
Size 75g
Date Started 1/15/2013
Lighting 3 dual T8 bulb fixtures. Each fixture comes on and off at different times. So it is like the sun going over head. First fixture has a white and daylight bulb the second/middle fixture has a grow bulb and a daylight bulb and the third fixture has a white and daylight bulb. Then there is around 25 watts of leds.
Equipment Large canister filter, UV light, RO water filter for water to refill aquarium with.
CO2 Yes. Use atomizer on the filter return line.
Substrate 1/4" of organic mulch, little over an inch layer of two different brands of substrate and then different types and colors of sand and pea size rocks.
Parameters Normal parameters for a tropical tank
Fertilization don't need too.
Plants Several different types. Don't ask me to name them.
Inhabitants Platy's, 7 cory's , 1 betta, 1 rainbow, 4 White Cloud Mountain Minnow , 2 Saimese Algae Eaters, I think 8 Otocinclus, several Ghost Shrimp
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