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User Sam_NYC
Size 29 Gallons
Date Started 6.20.07
Lighting 30 inch 2x65 Watt Current USA PowerCompact Dual Satellite Fixture -One lamp for 8 hours, then both for 4 hours per day.
Equipment AC30 filter, Hush 35 filter, All Glass Heater, Air pump w/ air stone
CO2 DIY 2 Litter Soda Bottle X2, Haggen Ladder, Co2 monitor
Substrate 100% Eco-Complete
Parameters Temp: 78 degrees, PH: 7.4, GH: 75 soft
Fertilization Plant tabs 0-0-6 plus iron, Plant gro 0.15-0-0 iron enriched
Plants Watersprite, hornwart, ludwigia, pygmy chain sword, micro sword, melon sword, hygro, bacopa, aponogeton, duckweed, banana plant, alge ball, java moss, java fern, a few other unknown plants, ricca, and a few cypts
Inhabitants Fancy guppy fry(2 males & 6 females), 12+ RCS(Breeding), 3 Otto cats, MST colony in the substrate.
Comments 40-50% Water change per week, Prime water conditioner, Cycle, Hagen phos-x
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